Public procurement

Sapsama is specialized in public procurement and comprise more than 20 years of professional experience from helping many international clients worldwide find best value for money - for works, services and goods. We are conversant with the Swedish Public Procurement Act (LOU), the Practical Guide to Contract Procedures using EU External Actions (PRAG), FIDIC various book series, World Bank and ADB Procurement Guidelines, the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines, KfW and those of many developing countries.

Airport project's

Sapsama has undertaken a large number of airport design, procurement and airfield construction projects. We are able to provide staff and support for optimum design and construction, including ICAO Annex 14 specialist design expertise. Our experiences comprise of more than 20 projects located in Sweden, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Estonia, Indonesia and Laos.

Moving a entire city

The Northern City of Kiruna in Sweden is going through a long process of being moved from one location to another. This has become necessitated by more than 100 year old practice of mining for iron ore, so that now, cracks are starting to appear in the ground surface, closer and closer to the city centre. Sapsama has helped the two major clients in this endeavour, the Swedish mining giant LKAB and the Municipality. Services have included feasibility studies, design, procurement, construction supervision and contracting as well as project monitoring and evaluation.